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Somatic counseling is a body-oriented alternative to psychotherapy using mindfulness and felt sensation.
Experience freedom, empowerment and a greater mind-body connection.

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Pamela Rosin-18

Awakening Presence: Reclaim Your Essential Goodness
Workshop at Yoga Tree
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Saturday Febraury 14 3pm-6pm $40
Yoga Tree Telegraph
2807 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 486-1989




Awakening your own presence means:

  • true intimacy with self & others
  • tools for communicating authentically
  • lasting self care practices

  • real support built into your life
  • being an open channel for creativity
  • being grounded in the face of change

  • having a career that draws on your gifts
  • in essence: self love that overflows into every area of your life

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