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Pamela Rosin

is a Somatic Counselor and Restorative Yoga Teacher with a background in theater and dance. Pamela spent a decade as a professional bodyworker and trained at premier schools. A graduate of Interchange Counseling Institute and The Hakomi Institute, Pamela brings a high level of attunement, intuition and loving presence to groups, couples and individual sessions.


Pamela RosinSomatic Counselor
“Working with Pamela has been a truly wonderful gift.”

My Story

At the root
I come from a history of abuse. I knew all too well how to walk on eggshells, believing that the world was unsafe. Until we resolve old traumas and heal on a deep level we will mistake the present for the past. Trauma resided in the tissues of my body and painted my view of the world.
“We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ― The Talmud

Tangled branches
My chaotic childhood taught me to be highly attuned to others. I didn’t trust my internal reality. I did not learn good boundaries, good self care practices nor that it’s ok to slow down. I was obsessed with my body, plagued with anger, riddled with fear. I knew about addiction, frayed nerves, depleted adrenals.

Finding a way out
Thankfully I was highly motivated to get free. Through various bouts with depression I eventually found a path out of the woods. I went inwards first, starting with my body. The path included: a decade as a bodyworker learning every possible modality of healing, pursuing spiritual practices, finding creative outlets, developing communication skills and surrounding myself with nourishing community. I essentially became a self awareness warrior and I got support as I went along.
Free as a bird
I’m giddy to be free in so many areas where I’d been trapped. I can see how my commitment to consistently evolve myself enriches every interaction. My overflowing energy makes me eager to offer guidance to others. How can I support you? It’s about building a healing partnership in which you are deeply heard and held as you approach change. I invite you to get in touch to see if we’d be a good fit for working together.


Awakening Presence is self love that overflows into every area of your life.





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Somatic counseling is a body-oriented alternative to psychotherapy using mindfulness and felt sensation.
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