Happy Halloween

imagesThe sugar-high night of transformation and abandon is upon us!

How will you celebrate?

Will you turn yourself into something ghoulish or something outrageously sexy — or even a combination of the two? Or are you the type to stay at home, maybe light some candles?

American popular culture has a heyday (and a hayride!) the danger and fear elements of the holiday — goblins, ghouls, zombies — blood and gore galore. We relish the chance to be naughty and play with our dark sides.

From an anthropological perspective, rituals such as Halloween and Mardi Gras serve the culture: by abandoning conventional social mores and structures a pressure valve is released. Going to a conventionally forbidden extreme allows society […]

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Untangling “Selfish”

tumblr_m4e7i9d7U11rwd8tjo1_400Selfish… Eww! The idea focusing on oneself is laden with judgement–on so many levels.

  • Religions tell us to be selfless: give of thyself, dissolve the ego, ignore desire, etc.
  • Our culture does not applaud if we turn our energy inwards. We are pushed to a point of disembodied disconnection from our core. Messages of Achieve! Succeed! Produce! leave little room to breathe, connect, reflect.
  • In society, women especially are taught to give.
  • On the personal level, it might have been a survival tool growing up– we became experts at accommodating, attuned to others’ needs more than our own. Perhaps we were raised by a narcissistic parent and we have unconsciously assumed […]
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Awakening Presence of reTreat

nature-photography-canada-jason-hightowerI’m beside myself, I’ve been ready for this for months, maybe a year. It’ll be my fourth year attending a queer women’s yoga retreat with two beloved extraordinary teachers of mine. Thirty or so women gather for Labor Day weekend on sacred women’s land by a river in Mendocino. Together we eat amazing food, do yoga in a barn with no walls, skinny dip in the river, dance, play, artfully laze about, sleep under the stars and wake early to meditate. There’s a chance for deep connection,
introspection, and so much laughter. My senses come alive from eating well, moving slowly, and my body opens […]

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Miranda’s Homecoming

IMG_0756When Miranda disappeared I spent hours searching neighbors’ yards, posting flyers around the neighborhood. I called shelters, animal control and rescue. I posted on craigslist, facebook and a page for my spiritual community. I was resigned. I would never see my sweet little pet again.

Nearly 6 hours after her escape, the phone rang with an unknown number and a young woman’s voice said, “Pamela, this is Rachel, I think I have Miranda.” Instantly I went from downcast to elated.
Rachel works at a hair salon about 2 blocks from my home. She had noticed my bird sitting on top of a jeep outside her salon. “That is […]

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Pamela’s Trip to Africa

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