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Awaken your presence by nourishing body, spirit, and intuition. Create authentic connection with self and community. This yoga and somatics group for busy women takes yoga off the mat to help you implement profound practices for self care. Restorative Yoga is an extremely gentle approach which is appropriate and safe for a wide array of bodies. Create a shift towards abundance and pleasure in your daily life.

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Awakening Presence: Reclaim Your Essential Goodness

Three workshops at Yoga Tree Telegraph

Dive into an urban retreat to slough off the layers of busy life. Slow down to reveal your abiding, divine embodied goodness. It’s always there, we’ll hone our ability to tap into it.

How do we keep it alive every day?
How do we cultivate a restorative relationship with life, so that this intuitive knowing can feed every aspect of our lives?

The practice of restorative yoga offers a deep experience of support, stillness and ease. It is a direct route to uncovering our essential goodness. This restorative yoga and somatics workshop takes the yoga off the mat so that the discoveries in the studio are not an isolated experience.

In addition to the restorative yoga practice, we will anchor our insights and discoveries with somatic tools and the support of community; including group/partner exercises, journaling, mindfulness practices, and a good dose of fun.

Open to all levels!
Cost: $100 for all three sessions, $40 for individual sessions- in advance,  $45- day of
Restorative Yoga is an extremely gentle approach, which is appropriate and safe for a wide array of bodies.

This urban retreat to mark the seasons can be taken solo, or as a series to support integration of insights and practices.


3 Sundays 1pm-4pm

October 4 – Resourcing: We’ll take stock of sources of support in our lives
November 1 – Detox: We’ll release what doesn’t serve us
December 6 – Filling the Well: We’ll consciously choose allies and practices that support thriving

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“This class became the anchor of my week. Pamela was a gentle and staunch ally~ encouraging and supporting each person’s vision of self care. The subtle power of this work infused my daily life.”
— Elise, San Francisco

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My vision for self-love is: a deepening relationship with the body and intuitive self.

To empower students to create lasting powerful change I tie together:

  • lessons from my personal healing path
  • my favorite and most effect healing tools
  • group process and partner yoga
  • a six week journey to allow integration
  • a safe container for participants to show up as their true selves
  • fun & play
  • healing gets reinforced on various levels: check ins during the week, learn the physiologic benefits of restorative yoga, experience slowing down, create artwork about insights to keep as a tangible reminder.
  • journaling — attune to your intuition and increase your language for bodily sensations
  • cultivate a restorative relationship to all aspects of your life