please-sirLately I have this image that keeps coming back to me of a fallen power line. There’s no more electricity running through it but it still thrashes about with its last kick of life. Or there’s the image of a hose that despite the water having been shut off is still gushing with the reserves that were in its length. Or like the kid who nobody told: Psst– you can stop hiding– Olly olly oxen free.

I seem to have some knee jerk behaviors that haven’t caught up with my current level of personal evolution. What was that about? Why am I still chasing after people, hurt by unintended gestures, or living in a mentality of scarcity? My body takes on an internal posture of reaching and a state of discontent. Whoa. These behaviors are especially hard to witness since they harken back to a self I used to inhabit all the time.

No, I’m not little Oliver Twist with his forlorn request for more gruel. “Please sir, I want some more,” an iconic hungry orphan. And yet at times my body seems to be stuck in that posture.

And then I breathe and remember, ah, yes. It’s ok. That’s just the old ghosts. There, there. You don’t have to do that anymore.

Eckhard Tolle describes the “Painbody” thus: every emotional pain that you experience leaves behind it’s residue and merges with pain from the past. This negative energy field can be activated by any number of triggers. It is created by the unconscious and consciousness holds the key to transmuting it.

Once you become mindful of it, you’ve already stepped out of its clutches. When you shine a light on it, it becomes light. This is when you access a higher dimension of consciousness or presence. Welcome to the work of awakening presence.

Where are you in need of some light?