yoga_bolsterThe message from my body this past year was “slow down!!!” I really tried to ignore it. It didn’t match my urgency for clarity in my life, didn’t match my image for myself. I wanted momentum, ease, abundance all in the direction of forward. And what I know is how to make things happen and to figure things out by efforting, basically by putting my energy and focus outside. My deep intuition said, “no way, sister. You ain’t going nowhere.” And there was no choice but to listen.
I chose to spend some time in what I called incubation. I broke habits. It was disorienting without my vices and my usual full plate. Who am I now? I was asking.
I started meditating daily. I studied restorative yoga. I started a daily practice of restorative yoga. Layers of exhaustion started sloughing off.
Eventually I felt grounded and open. More spacious. And the mists lifted.
Then the idea for my course was born. I had discovered firsthand the power of such profound regeneration as preventive medicine. Not to mention the deep intimacy with self, the quiet peace, my increased ability to hear the cues of my body. Slowing down allowed me more clarity, more spaciousness, more of me.
And I  realized that resultant clarity shifted my relationship with time. There was less frenzy, less chaos, more space and abundance. Such a paradox: slowing down meant I had more time!

Of course I am dying to share this learning with the world, this lesson of making space and finding oneself.

So now, as you consider whether to sign up for my six week course Falling In Love…
Do you want a little taste? Maybe you haven’t experienced how extraordinary restorative yoga can be.
Try this pose that counteracts the effects of sitting at a desk, releases fatigue and uplifts your mood. Read below for how it creates space in 7 different ways!

Lay with your spine along a bolster or folded blanket. Find what’s most comfortable for your legs: outstretched, or with soles of the feet touching, perhaps with support under your knees.
Notice what happens in your body.
Breathe in spaciousness on the inhale and let go and release on the exhale

This pose creates space:

  1. It stretches the diaphragm creating the space for a deeper inhale and more oxygen flow to the brain.
  2. It gives space to organs so they can receive a healthier blood and oxygen flow.  When slouching the front of the body sinks inwards, squishing the liver, stomach and other organs,  restricting blood flow and effecting organ efficiency.
  3. Helps in the letting go of anxiety or stress held in the front of the body.  Opening the chest and heart helps uplift your mood, let go of what’s weighing heavy on our shoulders and generally feel more open and spacious.
  4. Lifting and raising the stomach area stimulates the digestive system.
  5. Opens your heart chakra stimulating more joyful feelings.  When we round our shoulders we also tend to protect our hearts and perhaps unintentionally suppress or hold in feelings that weigh heavy on our heart.
  6. When the body surrenders to the weight of the bolster and the breath moves more deeply into the body – exhaustion and tension start to dissolve.
  7. Releases tension in your shoulders and neck. A gentle opening happens as the arms fall off the sides of the bolster helping to release tightness in the upper part of the body.  The longer you stay in this posture the more spaciousness is created.

As you feel the benefits, consider enrolling in Falling In Love: A Course for Women in Authentic Self Nourishment. It begins on January 13! Just think how you’ll feel after six weeks of this!