Somatic Counseling

“If the Bay Area lost a fabulous body worker — and we did — when Pamela Rosin packed up her massage table in exchange for working with somatic counseling and teaching restorative yoga — we have gained an amazing and soulful ally and guide into the mind-body connection as she takes her “awakening presence” work directly to her clients with unique, individually tailored sessions.

Working with Pamela allowed me to set aside the chatter of my mind, and rather than talk “about” my feelings, to drop in and experience them directly — thus tapping into the wealth of information stored in the cells, postures, and holding patterns of my body. This work showed me how to access what I need for deep healing, rest and rejuvenation by feeling into and releasing my physical knots and binds with compassion, support, and understanding.

Highly recommended. Pamela is the real deal — skillful, gifted, and wise.”

– Elise F.

“Working with Pamela is sort of like talking to one of my best girlfriends… If my girlfriends were highly trained in body mindfulness and somatic approaches to dissolving obstacles, issues and tension. She is warm, easy, and casual. I feel like we are friends as well as partners in my health.Our sessions are sometimes deceptively simple. A little deep breathing, some body exploration, a few new ways of thinking and moving. Is that really it? But I find myself incorporating our work throughout my day and throughout my week. Over and over again I come back to the tools we’ve developed to bring a greater ease, happiness, and sense of well being to my daily life.I travel a lot and Pamela has been wonderful enough to accommodate me by working through Skype when I’m out of town. I am constantly amazed at her ability to see subtle body movements, even over through her computer. It feels like she is in the room with me.I can get lost in my head, especially when I’m busy. Often times, right as I most need to remember the wisdom of my body, I tend to ignore my body altogether. Working with Pamela lets me draw on my brain AND my body, giving me an extra edge in everything I do.”

– Harmony Eichsteadt

“Pamela does a wonderful job meeting me where I am and connecting me to my deeper, more grounded self. Her ability to keep me focused yet connected to my body and what matters most to me is wonderful. I have slowed down in my life. I am more connected to myself and my inner being throughout the day. My health problems connected to stress and anxiety have greatly decreased. I see how my habits and approach have worked against my true self and feel confident in making changes now based on knowing better who I am. I can express my true self better. I can better use how my body feels to guide how I take care of myself. I use the tools I learned in our sessions in my daily life.

If you want to work on yourself, especially if you have had persistent physical pain or stress/anxiety, give this work a try. No matter where you are, you will gain a better connection to yourself and improve how you take care of yourself.”

– Matt

“I am just beginning with Pamela, but I am so grateful to have found her. She is providing just the approach I was searching for, an approach based on listening to my body and my corresponding emotions. She reminds me to always come back to how I am feeling in this present moment, and her calm and accepting manner allows me to feel safe in exploring the feelings I need to explore. Her room for the sessions is warm and inviting, with a nice rug I can get down on (because I like to sit on the floor and be able to move.) I am definitely continuing work with Pamela, and I feel her approach would be helpful to many people.”

– Gloria J.

“Our session gave me room to be fully aware of my body, emotions and sensations. I appreciated Pamela’s attentive listening and gentle guidance to explore, physicalize and express my feelings and to move through those emotions. I came away with a sense of confidence in my strength and resources to take on new challenges that lie ahead.”

– Vidhu Singh

“I truly feel that the work that occurs within and after a session with Pamela is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given my body.

I was referred to Pamela by another practitioner (a hypnotherapist). I have struggled with an eating disorder and severe anxiety on and off for about 12 years. While I’ve experienced certain periods of increased health and freedom, they’ve always been short-lived and followed by additional challenges. I’ve pursued traditional methods to no avail, and while I continue to see an M.D. and a traditional therapist, something told me that these methods were by and large unsuccessful in getting at the deeper things that block me from progress, and ultimately keep me cut off from the joy, freedom, and health I want in my life.

During hypnotherapy I found myself unable to let go, to drop into my body and out of my conscious mind. A similar predicament occurs within a traditional therapy setting. Simply put: I am quite capable of rationally examining my challenges and generating plausible and possible solutions, but the bottom line is that attempting to generate healing from the neck up has never behooved me nor proved fruitful. From the very first session with Pamela I experienced something tremendously different and unlike anything else. For the first time in years, I was able to drop back into my body. Just as importantly (and perhaps remarkably), I was able to recognize the severed connection that has prevented me from doing so for years.
Pamela’s work is highly intuitive, skilled, non-threatening, inviting, and exploratory. In one of our Somatic Counseling sessions, we reached the insight that noticing occurs from the neck down. Pamela has helped me to embark upon the journey of getting back into my body and to begin to notice sensations and messages from below the neck. In our sessions we have reached insights and understandings that have manifested in marked, positive shifts.

Indeed, what happens after a session with Pamela is in no small way remarkable. In the past few weeks I have found myself experiencing decreased anxiety and discomfort, and more able to tolerate these things when they do occur, through simply acknowledging their presence in my body. What’s more, I have begun to experience pleasant and pleasurable messages from my body — feelings of peace, reassurance, nourishment, and even the beginnings of trust — things I haven’t felt in over a decade, if ever. For me, the combination of Somatic Counseling and bodywork is both unique and complimentary. When I enter a session with Pamela, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I am preoccupied with. She guides me into mindfulness and possibility. The things that have emerged (and shifted) during our sessions are, in short, the surfacing of things that have been buried and unable to be tapped into for years.

I see the second part of our sessions (the bodywork) as serving several functions: it anchors these new awarenesses on a bodily level, it rewards my body, it generates positive sensations and messages through the power of touch, and it replaces the accustomed messages of doubt, discomfort, and distrust with faith, courage, and connectedness.

I can whole-heartedly say that since working with Pamela, I have made more significant strides and begun to enjoy life more fully than I have in years. I feel Pamela’s work is integral to my recovery and I look forward to our sessions every week. Merely knowing that I have a session with Pamela brings about relief and positive change; even when I do struggle, I can nourish myself because I know I have the support and healing I need right around the corner.
Working with Pamela has helped me clear so many blocks to my success. Her unique integration of counseling and somatic work creates a safe space for me to drop into my body. In this space, I know I am free to access whatever emotions or desires come up for me as we journey together through my subconscious. The visualizations she has catalyzed during these journeys will stick with me for a lifetime.”

– Anonymous

“Pamela is an exceptionally gifted counselor! My wife and I were in a really tough spot. I reached out to her while we were in a fight. Pamela went out of her way to schedule us in that same hour! She made us step into each others experience and look at one another from a totally opposite perspective. Through her guidance I was able to see what happens for my wife on a body level when I don’t listen. We learned somatically how we escalate. Needless to say we made up and were able to talk to one another right after the session.Pamela is so accepting, loving, caring and keen in keen in her observations! With no hesitation she jumped in to an exercise to look inside and to unite. Not some wasteful talk therapy! Thank you Pamela for helping us with our communication and our marriage.”

– Ilya Y.

“I feel incredibly light after leaving today’s session with her. She helped me powerfully connect the dots between some present-day behaviors — behaviors I’ve felt stuck with for my entire adult life — to the roles that my parents played throughout my childhood. Wow! I feel rejuvenated, very optimistic about the future and excited about life. Not only do I feel good in my body, but Pamela has given me tools that help me move forward into my life with a sense of excitement and wonder. Working with Pamela has been a truly wonderful gift.”

– Damian Sol

“Not only have I discovered unconscious fear and how it’s stored in my body, but found a solution that is aligned with my body and who I am. Through Pamela’s wonderful coaching/somatic work, I am able to learn how to safeguard myself without hiding from who I am or what “I” perceive to be my “problem.” I want to embrace all of Pamela’s gentle body/coaching work and continue to make breakthroughs. I am very humble and grateful for all your work and how it’s changed my life forever.”

– Saul Gonzales

“Working with Pamela has been a tremendous experience in support and growth.I came to Pamela for bodywork several years ago and was immediately impressed with how she was able to fix issues with my body in one session that had never even been able to be resolved by others. She is very in touch with her clients’ needs and has always gone above and beyond my expectations of a practitioner. It was these initial experiences which began a better appreciation and education for me on how my body works.

When I was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2011, Pamela was one of the first people that came to mind for collaboration. She wasn’t afraid to work with my in my delicate condition and really did her homework regarding my treatment. We started with lymphatic bodywork for six months as part of my detox regime to help cleanse my system of the chemo. The work became more about coming back into my body.

Pamela was there to witness what happened to me through this experience. I became aware of how the pain, neuropathy, and the emotional aspects of my battle with cancer manifested in my body. During cancer, I was in a fragile space. Doctors were touching me with needles, there was no normalcy in relation to my physical being, which was both frightening and draining — I felt my body was betraying me. The heightened sensitivity /pain in my body from chemo made it so I was afraid to be touched by other people. Even my partner was unsure of how to touch me. Our sessions created mindfulness and a calm reprieve I looked forward to. Working with Pamela, I was able to feel free and grounded in my body again. It was a huge part of my recovery.

I started doing somatic counseling with Pamela towards the middle of my cancer treatment. After the physical and emotional upheaval of surgery and chemo, our counseling sessions brought better clarity to my everyday life — that how I hold myself physically is directly correlated to my emotions. Somatic counseling helped me to be ready to come to terms with the emotions that I deal with everyday… that were magnified by the recovery process.

Working with Pamela has helped me be more self aware, take better care of myself, have better communication with my partner, and the work continues. It’s not an awareness that I can put aside, it’s a continuous way of life that I constantly learn from and improve upon. I’m not being fixed by someone else, but cultivating tools to heal myself. I’m more mindful in my everyday life and I’m learning more about myself which is empowering.

I’ve often felt like after a certain point talk therapy allows me to avoid certain things that I don’t want to deal with. It’s easy to talk around subjects, say the same things, remain on a safe level — the body doesn’t lie. My work with Pamela takes the healing to another level. I’m actually asking myself questions I don’t know the answers to. I feel safe to do the exploration and challenged enough to follow it through.”

– Sara Payan

“Before I started working with Pamela I felt very stressed out about lots of things ranging from work to relationships, body image to living situation. Within a very short time, Pamela helped me to identify my true feelings about a particular job I was in and I was able to make a change. Over the course of time working with Pamela, I continue to be able to make affirming decisions that support a healthy lifestyle and a growing sense of love for myself and the choices I make. Pamela provides a safe space to allow me to evolve and is intuitive and caring in her approach. I have enjoyed working with Pamela. I recommend her to anyone seeking to make positive changes or develop a stronger sense of self and increased awareness of all the amazing things that are already present.”

– Lisa Safran

Falling in Love

“While in a restorative pose It dawned on me that to truly give and get support, I have to create space in my life to let people get close to me.”

– Carolyn Reinholdt

Restorative Yoga

“Working with Pamela has always been a pleasure. Her attentiveness to the subtle details and her adept handling of subjective sensitivities is immense and powerful. She is a gentle and truly compassionate healer.

I was amazed at the far reaching benefits the restorative yoga provided me in just a short week of doing the very simple and organic practices. The sense of calm and true relaxation was something I craved each day and it helped to improve the quality of my sleep which has often been a problem for me.”

– Tino Calenda

“While I was actively doing the restorative yoga techniques, I noticed that my body began to crave slowing down, and that I would operate at a lower and more peaceful energetic level during the day. It left me feeling like I actually had energy to spare when needed, instead of burning through my reserves every day.”

– Eleanor Reinholdt