You are perfect as you are, and you could use a little work.
-Shunryu Suzuki-roshi


Once we become aware of what’s not working we want to be free of it — right away!
 I see this in my clients. I see this in myself. With the destination in mind it’s easy to fixate on “but I’m not there yet.” Our eagerness for change can add discouragement to the mix. We take lack of “results” as a reflection of our self worth or injustice in the universe. But I’m putting in all this effort. What’s the hitch?

Some things to reflect on:

  • Change usually happens gradually and often in surprising ways.
  • Perhaps the “there” that you’re aiming for is elusive after all. Will you know it when you arrive?
  • What about all the successes that you have achieved? When you’re focused on where you want to get to, it’s hard to see where you’ve come from.
  • What about the journey? What can you do to shift your perspective?

I recently injured my back. It came from trying to create change in my body too quickly. I was excited to be able to see a pattern that I hadn’t been ready to change in the past. Once I saw the possibility of it not being there forever I wanted it to shift– immediately if not sooner! I applied absolute dedication, attention and effort.
 However, this deeply entrenched pattern had taken years to form. My body knows how to function well with this pattern. There’s imbalance, sure, but nothing is missing or flawed. The eagerness and earnestness with which I took on the task of shifting the pattern actually got in the way. Unfortuately I’d forgotten a couple of essential elements in the formula for change: patience, acceptance and a sense of humor.

Which is stronger, water or stone? Clearly stone is solid. But over time even a canyon can be carved by a river. If I can welcome the grace and malleability of water when I approach change, then incredible things are possible. In my work with clients I bring in patience, humor and acceptance, which act like the element of water, enabling extraordinary shifts.

Is there something that you want to change and are having trouble finding perspective? Somatic counseling enables shifts by bringing you into your body, offering nourishment and supporting change. Make your appointment now.